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Don't be saddled with a poor content management system

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We are unique in our approach to IFA Websites. We are firmly of the view that independent financial advisers (IFAs) don't have time or want the bother of having to understand title-tags, meta-descriptions, alt-tags. Have I lost you already?

Don't be fobbed off by a web development firm that offers you a poor content management system; it's worse than useless when it comes to SEO.

Quite simply, we don't offer a content management system since we prefer to manage your website for you. And no, we don't charge more.

It is because of our expertise that we decided to offer an end-to-end solution for our advisers. We design, build and maintain our sites in their entirety! That means adding content and Metadata that work together; taking proper care of your website.

Page Title tags, Meta descriptions, Alt tags, Heading tags - they are all part of your Metadata and it is important they work hard with your content and Google. Google uses complex algorithms to decide how to rank sites and pages where Metadata plays a key role. We understand this and take that headache away!

Working alongside an SEO specialist we have gained knowledge in moving up Google rankings (but not experts). So when we add a blog for you (not everyone blogs, but it can be an important part of a marketing strategy) we add images, alt-tags, meta-descriptions, meta-titles at the same time. This makes sure your new article works hard for you.

Advisers often ask us for advice

Often we will be approached by a financial adviser asking "What do I need to do to help with my site?". This can be an adviser who isn't a client. We offer our advice just the same. We tell advisers that an SEO expert (please get a trusted/recommended one) can help by utilising "tags, content, backlinks, guest blogs etc...." and getting a new website won't necessarily help. We're honest like that.

This is about a financial adviser stuck with an ineffective content management system (CMS)

This is an email we recently received from an SEO specialist we had recommend to an adviser (they had a website elsewhere):

“Just wanted to drop you a line about xxxxxx, as I think you put them in touch with me late last year?

Anyway, I had a chat with xxxxxx and we came to an arrangement where I provided a 'cut down' service for him so he could see how it worked and hopefully would get some immediate results, although of course I never promised anything.

The work included Keyword Research and a list of changes needed on the site, this covering the Metadata and making some pages NO INDEX (cause they were rubbish). He then asked me to make the changes to the site for him, so I tried, but basically the CMS for the site is AWFUL, it not allowing, so far as I can make out, you to change the Meta Title, just the Name of the page, which is used in the navigation.

I tried and tried to get the changes made, asking the website people for a chat on the phone or some help, but the best they could do was to make the changes to the NAME of the page which did not feed through to the Title and just mucked up the navigation.

The inability to make the changes to the Title have meant that the SEO work has fallen flat so far, and thus xxxxxx is not happy.

The only way forward from what I can see is for him to get a new website, even if it is a copy of the old one (with the changes I need made of course) ....”

We understand if you want a site with a content management system, but it won't be any good if you don't understand how to use it and work alongside Google.

And do you really want to spend your time trying to understand SEO?

Why not let a reputable IFA website firm like ourselves take care of your website for you!

Metadata - The Basics

The most common type of Metadata is the description. All web pages / articles have Meta descriptions, which are short pithy statements summarising the web page / article. These statements often appear below the article title in Google search results. How well they are written can help to influence whether a prospect clicks on the link to read the article.

Another importance of meta tags (and one that is vital to your site's SEO) is that the search engines read them in order to see if tags are related with the visible content. Is your meta description related with your content and your site's advisory market? There is certain weight in your meta tags that the search engines see. Which is the reason why meta tags are so important.

The title tag is the title text that is shown in search engine listings.

Description The meta description tag is where you would want to put your web page's summary. This is where you put what your web page (site) is all about and what you are offering people. It should not be too long because the search engines only read up to a certain number of words. You should have one per page

What we do

We build and develop websites for IFAs, Financial Planners, Mortgages Brokers and other Wealth, Asset & Protection Advisers.

Our charges are simple, £350 to build a site (from beginning to end) and then £40 pm for IFAs or £30pm for slimmed down versions (Mortgage and Protection Websites). We provide quarterly client newsletters that are FCA compliance approved. It's all part of the service.