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Post Brexit, What to tell your clients?

July 1st 2016

What should financial advisers be telling their clients post Brexit?

The outcome of the Referendum to leave the EU was a surprise, many expected the “Remain” side to win.

We are left with an uncertain market which will have an initial effect on investments, pensions and ISAs.

The next few weeks will see movement in the market, but in the long term the hope is that the markets will settle.

General advise seems to be to hang on to investments and think about the timing of annuity purchases in light of lower rates. Now is not the time to panic.

Post Brexit Newsletter

To make your job easier we've produced a Post Brexit newsletter you can send out to your clients.

Post Brexit newsltter for IFAs

Adviser Summer 2016

In this issue we focus on your pension post Brexit, the new LISA and the risks of inheriting without a will.

“Hello LISA and Post Brexit”


What tends to happen during periods of market uncertainty and shocks like this is that everybody assumes the worst, but the reality is that the fundamentals usually aren't as bad as people think