Marketing for IFAs

Ready to market your IFA Newsletter?

Are you ready to market your IFA Newsletter?

Your quarterly newsletter is almost on it's way. It is just being FCA compliance approved. But are you ready?

Newsletters are growing increasingly popular as a marketing tool for any business these days. A marketing newsletter reminds your clients of who you are and your worth as a financial adviser.

This quarter we have included topics on health and social care, how to defer your State Pension, the big freeze on the Lifetime Allowance, "Income Protection Awareness Week" and saving tips for low interest rates.

Quite a mix of financial articles, something for all your clients.

Send IFA clients a short email message

Sending out a newsletter to your clients offers you an opportunity to send a short email message at the same time

Email allows you to communicate in a manner that respects the client's, send out a short email message alongside your brochure. Put the most important content in the first sentence and add a clear subject line to grab their attention.

Use a tool like Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of many free marketing tools available for IFAs. Why not create a compelling short “newsletter” of your own. You can even add in an image of the client brochure we have produced for you.

Getting your Newsletter FCA Approved

We've been working hard getting your brochure ready. Including articles on pensions and investments. It is now on it's way to compliance, it get approval before we send it to you.

Future Publication Dates


Winter: January
Spring: April
Summer: July
Autumn: October