Compliant Content

Compliant content approved by FCA

We provide a suite of regularly updated compliance approved content and keep abreast of FCA guidelines.

We have extensive experience dealing with different compliance companies since working for IFA Systems from April 2007 - April 2012, who had over 400 clients and whose IFA websites were regularly submitted to various networks.

Since improving our offering to financial advisers we launched IFA Web Pro in May 2013 and carried on dealing with compliance networks again on behalf of our clients, submitting their IFA websites for approval.

We understand how essential compliance is; the emphasis networks place on ensuring your advertising promotions which include your website have been checked and approved before they are published.

Compliance is forever changing, each network is different and have differing views on the interpretation of the FCA guidelines, information one network may approve may not be approved by another and may ask for additional changes. What's needed is a flexible yet accurate approach.

All our IFA websites use our in'house developed compliant content library as a starting point. All the content in our library and then on your website is managed for you by our website designers.

Compliance Options

Whether your firm is directly authorised or you're a member of a network, you are still responsible for your overall compliance, whether that's a brochure you send out or your website. If you decide to use compliance support, there are a number of options you can take:

  • use a dedicated in-house member of staff
  • be a member of a network
  • use a compliance resource service and/or a compliance consultant

Whatever path you chose you can be confident that our generic content has been passed several times over with various compliance officers.

Please note, we are happy to assist you in getting your site compliance approved, but the compliance of your website is still your responsibility.

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