Marketing for IFAs

IFA Websites - Questions our Advisers have asked

October 6th 2021

We have put together a few useful topics (some already written, some new) that our advisers have been asking about. Articles we hope you will find interesting.

Covering many aspects of design, trends and marketing. Aspects of which could be helpful when you look to strengthen your firm's brand.

Marketing for IFAs

How to market your IFA Firm and how your website plays an important role.

Our guide to Marketing for IFAs

Digital publishing for IFAs, we produce a quarterly client newsletter for our advisers

A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines a company's advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. It describes business activities involved in accomplishing specific marketing objectives within a set time frame.

With our expertise in web development for financial services firms, we are here to help you get your company online. We have some stunning website designs together with a regular stream of compliance approved newsletters. We can help you show your worth and keep in touch with your clients.

It's all within budget too, at £385 and £40pm. That includes all your website maintenance, keeping your site up to date and annual compliance approvals.

We Can Help

Do you have a Marketing Plan?

The Marketing Plan: everyone will tell you that you absolutely have to have one.

Few of the people who say that, however, are able to tell you what exactly a marketing plan consists of.

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Are you ready to market your firm?

Are you ready to market your IFA Newsletter?

Your quarterly newsletter is almost on it's way. It is just being FCA compliance approved. But are you ready?

Newsletters are growing increasingly popular as a marketing tool for any business these days. A marketing newsletter reminds your clients of who you are and your worth as a financial adviser.

This quarter we have included topics on health and social care, how to defer your State Pension, the big freeze on the Lifetime Allowance, "Income Protection Awareness Week" and saving tips for low interest rates.

Quite a mix of financial articles, something for all your clients.

Are You Ready?

Do SSL Certificates affect your ranking?

Secure Certificates, if all things being equal will effect your Google rankings, it's a smart SEO move

Security has always been a priority for Google and announced it now uses HTTPS as a ranking signal, so far we haven't seen much change, but we stick to best practice and always include a yearly (or continually renewing) SSL with our IFA websites.

Chrome is marking non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields as Not Secure in the URL bar. In a way that's not surprising since Secure Certificates (SSL) have always been used/needed to encrypt and secure data transfer.

Eventually, Chrome may show a Not Secure warning for all pages served over HTTP, regardless of whether or not the page contains sensitive input fields. So it's important to us that your site uses HTTPS for all pages.
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Are you getting the most from your financial website?

are you getting the most from your financial website? IFA Web Pro offer an all-in-one solution

It is somewhat unusual in today's online world to come across an IFA without a website.

However not all sites are the same.

We certainly work incredibly hard to give our clients value for money, including marketing material on a regular basis together with advice for getting ahead.

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Why do IFAs need a website?

A large proportion of internet sales are from new customers.

Having a website significantly improves your customer reach, websites aren't just local, they are global!

Your financial website will play a key role in your marketing strategy, assisting visitors to find you and advertise what your firm's key services.

A good financial website design that engages visitors will entice your “viewers” to ask about service in greater detail and hopefully prompt them to contact you.

IFA Website

Google+ has changed

Google said that after collecting feedback from its users it has made a decision to focus on two key features: communities and collections.

Collections launched as a way to let users collect content from a single idea and then share it with other users, while the older communities section encouraged users of similar interests to share hobbies and interests.

google+ plus is changing
Google has changed

Writing for the Web

Good website content for IFAs

It's not like reading a book. Clients scan for content, they're wanting to pick up quickly.

It's why headings and sub headings (as well as images) are so important to get your message across quickly.

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Clicking vs Scrolling for IFAs?

clicking vs scrolling for IFAs

There are advantages and disadvantages to both website scrolling and clicking.

For instance in the case of scrolling it could seem that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Scrolling can be faster than clicking for website users.

With modern devices including touch pads that use a 'swiping' action and scrolling mouse does mean that users can scroll through longer pages of content with ease.

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What are the advantages to IFAs in using a website template?

The advantages to IFAs in using a Website Template

IFAs can get an idea straight away of what you'll get. With a readymade website template, you don't have to imagine what the finished product will look like.

Our templates are different, we only use them as a base (starting point) for your IFA website.

We develop an initial draft so you can check we've understood your requirements.

Your website will likely go through several changes and iterations (don't worry we do all the work) before you're satisfied with the end-product.

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What makes a Good IFA Website?

Engaging Design, Strong Message, Clear Navigation, Trust, Transparent Charging, Readable Content, Style, Calls to Action

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Web Based Content

Your IFA Website Content Matters

Your website content for your Adviser site needs to be carefully written.

You need it to make an impact and engage your visitors, it is the website copy that will assist your IFA firm to make a conversion.

Here are 10 top tips to make your adviser website copy work for you:

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What web designs trends will IFAs see?

Full-screen, background photos are still very much a popular trend among the web community; it's a trend which has been around for some time.

Dramatic large images are often used for landing pages, one-page websites or portfolios.

What web designs trends will IFAs see in 2015?
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How IFAs can build a loyal audience on the web

How IFAs can build a loyal audience on the Web

Pay attention to quality over quantity and use tracking metrics that matter : visitors, referrals, bounce rate, exit page, conversion rate, top 10 pages ...

Click through does not always mean high engagement, break your content down into chunks and make use of infographics and images. It will have a far bigger impact on your audience.

Use less generic “baits” like: best, top, biggest. Make more use of personal engagement, emotion, views, news....

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Using Slideshows as a marketing tool for your IFA Website

Slideshows are becoming more popular and can be a good way to market your services.

Slideshows (using professional images from our image provider) are offered free our IFA Websites.

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What Employee Benefits does your IFA firm offer?

why financial advisers should value their staff

In January Marketing Plans were all the talk.

We know we're guilty of constantly telling you to value your clients, making use of client newsletters to stay in touch.

This week we've had a think about employee benefits and looking after your staff.

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Which Financial Adviser Directory works best

Be found easily by prospective clients in your local area.

See our article on online directories » and see which performs best for you!

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Professional images can help your IFA firm to stand out!

With the online world of websites it's hard for prospective clients to connect with you. That's why personal photos and testimonials are so important. They help to build trust.

The web is an anonymous place, but everyone wants to attach a face to a name. Why not add staff photos, underneath each photo a detailed bio. Often a client isn't just purchasing a product or service, they're investing in you.

financial advisers and the importance of professional photography business headshots, does your firm need professional photos?

Marketing - make sure you don't forget the basics

Do what your competitors do and more!

Basics of marketing for financial advisers - do what your competitors do and more

It's worked for us.

  • Where are your competitors listed?
  • What do they offer?
  • Understand the market
  • Get your website to work hard on SEO (we can help with that)
  • Make your website content engaging (we can help with that too!)
  • Communicate with your clients (we can even help you out here)
Marketing for IFAs

Joining forces with an SEO Specialist

Being found for relevant searches will assist in attracting prospective clients to your website and generating enquires.

For this reason IFA Web Pro have teamed with Graham Baylis from Serendipity, so we can effectively support you with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation service, in order to help increase your website ranking on Google and other search engines.

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SEO Tools for IFAs

These can help, to check out your competitors if nothing else.

There are numerous tools used to understand and thus improve the rankings of sites on the Search Engines today, many being free.

Keyword cloud tool

Keyword Cloud is just of the many SEO tools available.

The Keyword Cloud is a visual representation of keywords used on a website.

Keywords having higher density are showed in a larger fonts.

At a glance you will able to see where your most important keywords are

See what words your page is "Sending" to the search engines.

SEO Tools

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