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Taking care of our Advisers

Whilst working at IFA Systems and now IFA Web Pro we've been constantly asking financial advisers the question: “What it is they have on their wish list?”, “what would they like to see as part of their IFA website service?”

As a result we've been able to develop and enhance previous services offered to financial advisers.

Financial Advisers have asked for ...

These are the typical comments that have cropped up over the years:

  • We forget how to use the editing software or have had problems updating our website, can you update our site for us?
  • Is it possible to have a completely different site structure?
  • We don't like being charged for adding extra pages
  • Professional Images included in the website build
  • We'd like templates modified to suit and a larger choice of designs
  • We simply haven't the time to finsih our website ourselves
  • Value for money is important to us

We've worked hard to meet the requests of IFAs

Our team have worked hard at providing effective and affordable solutions to requests we've had from Financial Advisers and Financial Planners. Not just that we've added even more features to our IFA website package.

Taking care of your IFA Website

We know how hard Advisers struggle to get their website finished when left to their own devices. So from beginning to end we offer an IFA designer who updates your website for you. Looking at the best structure, functionality, content and design of your website. Financial Advisers will still have access to a web designer who will maintain their website for them, adding additional documents or any other reasonable changes once it's finished. Ensuring your website stays looking professional and modern. You take care of your finance company whilst we look after your website: so you don't have to!

Customising our IFA Website Templates

We have enhanced our template process so that the IFA website templates are used merely as a base, we then have a skilled designer who will modify the templated design to suit. Sometimes a financial adviser likes the design of one website and the functionality of another. We'll offer this first if our designs don't suit your needs, before we let you go down the more costly route of a bespoke website.

We've spent time building on our expertise, in the knowledge that IFAs are looking for more than a website. Our regular customer service will leave them free to do their job without the extra burden of maintaining their website.

Competitive pricing and no extra charges

Everything is included, we try really hard not to charge extra.

Professional Images

Stock photo providers for your website

We feel it's important to use professional images and have a library of ready purchased images » which you are welcome to use on your website for free.

Image prices from other providers

We an account with Istock and offer you 3 free image credits for free, we then make a notional charge for any additional ones.

Branded brochures and newsletters

To further support financial advisers we also offer quarterly customised newsletters (with financial adviser's regulatory statement and contact details). With the introduction of RDR, companies need to communicate and keep in touch with their clients more than ever.

We provide this service within your monthly fee. We know how important it is to assist financial advisers in connecting with their clients in a cost effective manner.

A good level of customer service and support

Last but not least, good customer support. We know from almost a decade of supporting IFAs just how important good customer service is. We listen to what you need. We care passionately about the financial advisers that we support, ensuring we help them by delivering the finest product, service and support to all of them.