Client Newsletters for Financial Advisers

Why we think our financial newsletters are the best!

7th January 2023

No other company offers branded newsletters within their website cost or sends their newsletter for approval with your network.

Many of our clients are a representative of a network and many are directly authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority. Our client newsletters are approved by a total of 15 compliance specialists, whose purpose is to help financial advisers meet the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) expectations.

Yes, that's right! We have to pass our quarterly client newsletters through 15 compliance networks, in order to serve all of them.

It's important to us that the process of receiving a branded compliance approved client newsletter is made as seamless as we can.

Our quarterly compliance approved newsletters come free with your IFA website or are £60 each if you don't have a site with us.

Client newsletters for our financial advisers

We haven't heard of any external publishing company who sends their newsletter to each client's network and deals with all the specific changes. After all, that is quite an arduous job! And

One or two other companies point clients towards Adviser Hub (a free content service for financial advisers), this is where clients can produce their own newsletters if they wish. We found the articles less than engaging and not a good fit for clients that were with a network.

It's important to stay in touch with your clients

Your client newsletter is a way to communicate to your clients and help maintain your good relationship with them. It's always good to stay in touch. And the best part is, it's free marketing material.

Newsletters are an extension to who you are, your clients know you're a financial adviser. But by going the extra mile to offer clients an insight into what's trending, what's important to them together with ways money ideas - it goes a long way into showing your worth.

What's in our quarterly client newsletters for financial firms?

It varies, but the focus is on current topics, what's trending, money and tax tips, something light to engage your clients and what we think will interest them. When we can we create something personal that your clients will enjoy, like "keeping warm" - a light hearted article interspersed amongst the more serious stuff.

Our quarterly newsletters are not overly long, they spans 8 pages and includes 5 or 6 articles. Our financial publication is long enough to engage your clients without overloading them with too much information.

Here's a sample of the type of articles we write. We're always open to suggestions, so if there's something you'd like included in a future publication - do let us know. Our newsletters are written for our clients!

  • Annuities have become more attractive with the increased Bank of England base rate
  • From April those eligible will no longer be able to make voluntary national insurance contributions for tax years 2006 to 2016
  • Simple tips to help keep the heat in and cut down on your energy bills
  • Autumn Statement Highlights
  • Fraud – with so many scams, could someone steal your home?
  • Sandwich generation - are you caught in the middle?
  • Pitfalls of longer-term mortgages
  • Will inflation affect your savings?
  • Underpayment of the State Pension
  • Tips to help with rising costs
What better way to give your firm a head start with marketing than to send out IFA Web Pro's quarterly client ifa newsletters

Marketing and Boosting Your Brand

Reminding clients of your presence and that you are available to them, is a sure sign that you are invested in what you do and the clients you support. Apart from that it boosts your brand, when you deliver useful information on a regular basis it leaves an impression and builds up your credibility.

You can use your newsletters to target clients specifically and prompt them to take action over matters they have been considering. Like ISAs and pensions. And using your newsletter keeps marketing costs down since they are included with your website.

Compliance checked, quarterly IFA client newsletters are included with your website

IFA Web Pro deliver Quarterly Compliance Approved Newsletters for Your Clients. Dealing in total with 15 different networks! They are unique in that they are included in the price of your website or £60 for newsletter only (if you don't have a website with us). And yes you heard that right, that includes dealing with your Network for approval.

We do all the work, so your IFA firm doesn't have to.