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IFA Online Directories

When you invest time energy or money into SEO, don't overlook the importance of being found easily by prospective clients in your local area. Do your homework! It's all too easy to be hoodwinked by companies claiming their directory is worth your cash.

It is always worth trying in your area to see what comes up as a popular directory on Google. A good rule of thumb is to see where your competitors are showing up and what directories list highly in your area. We can always run a report on a directory and let you knwo about their traffic if you're not sure and don't forget some directories are free.

We've highlighted some major directories by doing a handful of searches in the Peterborough area, to give you an idea. But please do your own searches for more accurate or up to date results. The internet and search engine algorithms are forever changing.

Google Search 1 2 3 4
IFA Peterborough Local Financial Advice FA Independent Unbiased IFA Unbiased
Financial Advice Peterborough Unbiased IFA Financial Adviser Independent Vouched for Unbiased
Financial Adviser Peterborough Unbiased FA Local Financial Advice Unbiased FA Independent
Pensions Advice Peterborough Local Pension Advisor Unbiased IFA Yell Vouched for


Note: These tables are provided for guidance only.

Source: Google Search