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Which are our 10 Best IFA Websites?

We've picked out 10 of our favourite financial planning websites, it's hard to cover all angles and the choice of course is subjective.

All the sites we design for IFAs and financial planners, we try and make them stand out. We're aware that advisor's demographic is aimed at older clients, those that are perhaps a little less familiar with technology. So simple and intuitive navigation is important, as is making sure what they're searching for is found easily.

We've built many sites for IFAs and financial advisers. Whilst we do the bulk of the work for you, adding content and navigation and coming up with design ideas, your input to make yourselves stand out is vital.

The more information we get from our clients the better, add professional staff photos, think of how you can portray the manner in which you work. think about what you can add to our content offering. The more input we receive from our clients the better their site will be.

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Top Tips for a good IFA website

  • 1. Visually engaging - Use eye catching images or slideshows that grab visitor's attention and showcase your firm's services.

  • 2. Great content - Think about who you are trying to attract to your site, the type of clients and what they will be looking for.

  • 3. Build trust - Adding staff photos and client testimonials will help with trust. Make people want to connect with you and see how you take care of your customers.

  • 4. Interactive tools and articles - No one wants a static site (especially not Google), we provide quarterly newsletters and regularly update your content.

  • 5. Clear contact details and calls to action - Make it easy for prospects to get in touch.

1. Money@IFA (Financial Adviser Site)

Best IFA website - no 1. Money at IFA

Simon Griffin from Money@IFA particularly wanted to use a design that incorporated a large (screen width) eye-catching slideshow to market his pensions, investments and taxation services. He liked the visual impact that large images presented and wanted a crisp, clean design using strong contrasting colours.

Design trends come and go in all areas of business communication and design, and websites are certainly no exception. Slideshows are one of many effective ways to showcase your firm's services.

Most people respond well to visual content, marketers know that, which is why they use images, slideshows and videos on their sites. For visitors who feel over faced with lengthy content - slideshows can be a good solution.

  • Eye-catching slideshow, making good use of marketing headings and bylines
  • Strong contrasting colours
  • Simple and intuitive navigation, easy for clients to find their way around
  • We added interest to his site with our branded financial brochures

2. Innovate (IFA Website)

Best IFA website - no 1. Money@IFA

Innovate's website has an eye catching design, with a vivid contrast between yellow and black together with the use of a “hero” image. A “Hero” image is a large banner image, prominently placed on a web page.

It shows the importance of it's client relationships by using attractively laid out testimonials with client logos.

The site's design is eye catching yet clean and consistent, presenting plenty of information and literature for clients (and prospective clients), including a technical guide library, collection of Smart Money Magazines, community partnership and a personal news section.

Personalising a site with additional information for clients, a good choice of images and well laid out feedback can greatly help with marketing and client engagement.

  • Stunning colour scheme with dramatic contrast of black and yellow
  • Showcasing of Innovate's technical guides
  • Customised Auto Enrolment enquiry form
  • Additional sections on community partnership

3. Progressive Financial Planning

Best IFA website - no 3. Progressive

The business model of the Progressive Financial Planning is aimed at high net worth clients and this is reflected in the site's use of graphics andmagery. Images can play a large part is the branding of your website and are a critical part of your website design. We were lucky to have a great graphic designer on hand.

We offer free and discounted images with each of our adviser websites as we have a vested interest in wanting your website to look professional.

We particularly like the attractive way the slides work together with snapshots of those images in each header. It has a brochure type feel to the site, using well writeen but minimal content and plenty of calls to action.

  • Beautiful imagery to reflect their high net worth branding
  • Use of a slideshow to market their services
  • Attractive presentation of graphics and images
  • Brochure type feel

4. Morley James (IFA Website)

Best IFA website - no 4. Oldbank

Colour is one of the most significant elements of any website design. It creates emotion and reinforces a brand. Morley Jame's site makes good use of black and white imagery.

Morley James is a good example of one of our IFA Sites where the content is predominately written by ourselves. All of our generic content has been FCA compliant approved.

  • Beautiful eye catching front page image
  • Makes full use of our financial brochures which are included in the £40pm fee
  • The icons add a nice visual touch
  • Portfolio Page for Morley Jame's clients

5. AM&A Investment & Pension Planning Ltd

Best IFA website - no 5  AM&A

AM&A Investment & Pension Planning is a small IFA boutique style IFA firm. They provide independent advice to both personal and corporate clients.

AM&A strongest asset is the quality and regularity of fund information they give to their clients alongside their financial planning service. You do feel as you browse through the site and look at their weekly market data, technical guides, newsletters and Blog articles that they are going the extra mile.

I like the unique design and the way David Marks from AM&A describes his services: “About You”. You can't help but feel that AM&A is about their clients.

  • It's all about their clients, lots of in depth information
  • Eye catching slideshow
  • Unusual layout, bold but professional. Definitely different.

6. Ralston Bennett

Website Design for an IFA - Ralston Bennett

Jeff Ralston's IFA firm is based in Northern Ireland. Jeff wanted a black and white site depicting his area, something that would stand using dramatic but understated images.

When clients reached his site, Jeff wanted them to see at a quick glance what services he offered, he didn't want clients to get overwhelmed by content, he was looking for a brochure type feel.

  • This clean and somewhat minimal design looks great.
  • Customised quarterly brochures branded with their logo.
  • Simple navigation.

7. Keyline Financial Solutions

Best IFA website - no 7. Keyline Financial Solutions

Martin from Keyline Financial Solutions approached us because his current website provider had informed them that they had to upgrade their current site together with a hefty price increase.

It was important to Keyline Financial Solutions that we did the vast amount of the website build (we always do!) and that we kept the new design in keeping as much as possible with their original site. Their clients are older and Keyline wanted us to provide them with some continuity and familiarity.

We are always very flexible in our approach to IFAs, so we designed a site around one of our website templates (Design D), using aspects from Keyline Financial's original site, bringing it up to date.

It's a very personal looking site, it has many of the images from keyline's original site, together with additional features and content.

  • Customised website design to reflect their branding.
  • Keyline wanted us to add movement to their website to give it a modern feel, adding slideshows is easy to do.
  • Their old site wasn't mobile responsive, of course this one was, all our sites are.
  • Contact information including address, email, and phone number are easy to find.
  • We kept the colour scheme and images in line with their original site, repurchasing them where we needed to from our image stockists.
  • We added some up-to-date visuals for their Financial Planning and Life's Stages pages.

8. Strata (Financial Planner Website)

Best IFA website - no 7. Strata

Strata Financial Ltd is a Financial Planner site. The site has a brochure type feel with a lovely modern sliding element.

The images reflected Simon Cook's lifestyle and hobbies.

  • This clean and somewhat minimal design looks great
  • Clever use of jquery technology to create a modern feel

9. ILPG (IFA Website)

Best IFA website - no 8. ILPG

ILPG wanted a clean uncluttered looking site that would work well with it's strong but attractive branding.

ILPG is fairly typical content wise of the type of site we produce for IFAs.

  • Clean, plenty of white space
  • Life stages section with useful links
  • All of the necessary information can be easily found through the main navigation

  • 10. Just Enrolment (Auto Enrolment Site)

    Best IFA website - no 1. Just Enrolment

    Keith gave us a remit on what he would like as our IFA template designs didn't quite suit his needs. We were happy to oblige and there was no extra charge.

    Just Enrolment is easy to navigate with few tabs to choose from and is clear and precise about what services they offer. Clients can quickly see what's on offer by just looking at the site.

    • Pink and Grey colour scheme to match in with the Just Enrolment logo and brochure branding
    • Simple navigation, everything that an employer needs for auto enrolment is easy to find
    • Large eye catching images (all included with the site)
    • Lead generating brochure enquiry

    We don't just stop with your website!

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    We don't stop at providing your financial advisory company with a website. We produce advisers with financial newsletters to send to their clients.

    Our financial newsletters are included in the website fee. Newsletters not only add interest to your website. They can be a great way to stay in touch, your mailing list being your best marketing asset.

    The simple act of mailing out your financial newsletter reminds your clients that you're thinking of them and reminds them of your worth.

    A Logo, professional images and regular marketing material is included with your site.

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