Marketing for IFAs

Writing for the Web

Good website content for IFAs

It's not like reading a book. Clients scan for content, they're wanting to pick up quickly.

It's why headings and sub headings (as well as images) are so important to get your message across quickly.

Chunk it up into sections - it's what we always try to do.

Clients scan for headings and images

Studies show that people read differently online than they do when they read a book. Typically web users will scan for information. In one study of online reading behavior it was found that “on the average webpage, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely”.

Identify why your visitors are here

Users arriving on your site have come with a specific task in mind. When developing your site's content, or even asking us to help it's important to know what's trending and what your clients will typically be looking for.

If your website doesn't help them find easily what they're after, they'll soon leave.

What's trending?

Why not provide a perspective on something recently in the news – such as the cost of living crisis and how it will effect people's finances?

Trending topics, searches are a good thing to focus on, it might get Google's attention at the same time.

  • What is the best financial advice?
  • Is it worth paying for a financial adviser?
  • How much do you pay for a financial adviser?
  • Essential finance tips

Identify your clients' interests and write good content

You can offer insight into specific topics of interest, apart from the usual allowances for the tax year. Inspire people with a client testimonial or case study, something they can relate to.

Try and use:

  • Clear Landing Page(s) for trending topics or home page
  • Headings and sub headings
  • Structured content
  • Engage your users with images and infographics
  • Make the content appropriate for your clients's level of understanding
  • Break your content down into sizeable chunks
  • Remember that questions can be particularly effective

5 Key components of a good landing page

  1. Clear heading describing what you do
  2. Include a prominent value proposition
  3. Vital information above the fold
  4. Calls to action
  5. Make your content visually engaging - engage your audience!

What we ask Financial Advisers

Whenever an IFA or Financial Planners comes to us for a website, we always ask the question: What services are you looking to promote? What would your clients like to see and use most?