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10 Best Wealth Management Websites

We've had our work cut out, choosing 10 examples of websites that we've designed for wealth management companies.

It wasn't easy. We've tried to show you a varied selection and a range of designs. Visual impact, imagery and colour are important but so is functionality, clear calls-to-action and good quality content.

Wealth management firms have often been behind the curve in terms of adopting digital marketing strategies, compared with other firms.

This is where we can help, alongside your site we produce free financial newsletters, they can help you stay in touch with your own clients and demonstrate your own value.

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1. Money Flow Financial Planning

Best Wealth Management website - no 8. ILPG

Money Flow Financial Planning wanted a clean uncluttered looking site that would work well with it's strong but attractive branding.

  • Clean, plenty of white space
  • Life stages section with useful links
  • All of the necessary information can be easily found through the main navigation

  • 2. Copia Wealth Management

    Best Wealth Management no 1. Copia Wealth

    Copia Wealth used financial (City of London ) based images together with straplines depicting their wealth management services. They also made their services more prominent by adding an image and description of each of their main asset management services: Retirement Planning, wealth management, investing and asking and Family protection.

    Design trends do change and websites are certainly no exception. Slideshows are one of many effective ways to showcase your wealth management services.

    Most people respond well to visual content, marketers know that, which is why they use images, slideshows and videos on their sites. For visitors who feel over faced with lengthy content - slideshows can be a good solution.

    Copia's wealth management straplines asked questions that visitors could relate to:

    • I have pensions accruing, can I afford to retire?
    • I need to preserve my wealth, are my assets protected?
    • My income is my priority, are my investments performing well?
    • I want to pass on my wealth, but still leave provision for myself

    3. Money@IFA - Wealth Management Site

    Best IFA website - no 1. Money at IFA

    Simon Griffin from Money@IFA particularly wanted to use a design that incorporated a large (screen width) eye-catching slideshow to market his wealth management services, mainly pensions, investments and taxation services. He liked the visual impact that large images presented and wanted a crisp, clean design using strong contrasting colours.

    Design trends come and go in all areas of business communication and design, and websites are certainly no exception. Slideshows are one of many effective ways to showcase your firm's services.

    Most people respond well to visual content, marketers know that, which is why they use images, slideshows and videos on their sites. For visitors who feel over faced with lengthy content - slideshows can be a good solution.

    • Eye-catching slideshow, making good use of marketing headings and bylines
    • Strong contrasting colours
    • Simple and intuitive navigation, easy for clients to find their way around
    • We added interest to his site with our branded financial brochures

    4. JP Maxwell Financial

    Best IFA website - no 5. Oldbank

    JP Maxwell Financial is clear about how their services and how they assist clients' in managing their wealth. They also use much of our content to offer clients information on the various financial products on the market.

    Their home page uses a large banner image with a clear message about their holistic approach to financial advice.

    • Large banner image
    • The design and layout is responsive (as are all our websites), so the site looks great on any device and a number of their services.

    • Lovely colour tones
    • Attractive design

    5. Innovate - Wealth Management Site

    Best Wealth management website - no 3. Innovate

    Innovate's website is one of our wealth management eye catching designs which made good use of a large “hero” image to grab victors attention. We particularly liked the vivid contrast between their yellow and black branding.

    Innovate's main services are wealth management, retirement planning, investments, family protection and estate planning. Everything to growing and protecting wealth.

    Innovate's wealth management website shows the importance of it's client relationships by using attractively laid out testimonials with client logos. This is further emphasised by the generous number of wealth management magazine articles promoting both investment options and pension reforms.

    The site's design is eye catching yet clean and consistent, presenting plenty of information and literature for clients (and prospective clients), including a technical guide library, collection of Smart Money Magazines, community partnership and a personal news section.

    Enriching a wealth management website with publications and guides for clients, a good choice of images and well laid out feedback can greatly help with marketing and client engagement.

    • Stunning colour scheme with dramatic contrast of black and yellow
    • Showcasing of Innovate's technical guides
    • Customised Auto Enrolment enquiry form
    • Additional sections on community partnership

    6. Progressive Financial Planning

    Best IFA website - no 3. Progressive

    The business model of the Progressive Financial Planning is aimed at high net worth clients and this is reflected in the site's use of graphics andmagery. Images can play a large part is the branding of your website and are a critical part of your website design. We were lucky to have a great graphic designer on hand.

    We offer free and discounted images with each of our adviser websites as we have a vested interest in wanting your website to look professional.

    We particularly like the attractive way the slides work together with snapshots of those images in each header. It has a brochure type feel to the site, using well writeen but minimal content and plenty of calls to action.

    • Beautiful imagery to reflect their high net worth branding
    • Use of a slideshow to market their services
    • Attractive presentation of graphics and images
    • Brochure type feel

    7. Morley James Asset Management

    Best IFA website - no 5. Morley James

    Colour is one of the most significant elements of any website design. It creates emotion and reinforces a brand. Morley Jame's site makes good use of black and white imagery.

    Morley James is a good example of one of our IFA Sites where the content is predominately written by ourselves. All of our generic content has been FCA compliant approved.

    • Beautiful eye catching front page image
    • Makes full use of our financial brochures which are included in the £40pm fee
    • The icons add a nice visual touch
    • Portfolio Page for Morley Jame's clients

    8. Ralston Bennett Financial Planning

    Website Design for an wealth management firm - Ralston Bennett

    Jeff Ralston's IFA firm is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Jeff wanted to use black and white imagery that depicted his area, something that could stand out and be unique to him.

    When clients reached his wealth management site, Jeff wanted them to see at a quick glance what services he offered, he didn't want clients to get overwhelmed by content, he was looking for a brochure type feel.

    • This clean and somewhat minimal design looks great.
    • Customised quarterly brochures branded with their logo.
    • Simple navigation.

    9. AM&A Investment and Pension Planning Ltd - Wealth Management

    Best wealth management website - no 7. AMAIPP FP

    AM&A Investment and Pension Planning Ltd offers a wealth of information and tools to it's clients. As well as a library of regularly updated technical guides and newsletters, AM&A update their market news on a weekly basis. The amount of information offered to AM&A's clients is quite remarkable.

    The focus of AM&A's website is clearly on their clients! You can't fail to be impressed.

    • Personal newsletters and blogs articles.

    • Weekly Financial Market Updates.
    • Key Guides written by Tax Briefs.

    10. Simon Dunkley (Protecting your Estate)

    Best Wealth Management website - no 10. Simon Dunkley

    Simon Dunkley (a trading name of Merlin Financial) is a Financial Adviser who focuses on protecting Estate Planning.

    We used much of the content with have for other IFAs and added additional content on Estates and Will writing.

    • Use of videos for his testimonials
    • A section for Simon's Seminars
    • Clear presentation of all their contact information

    What makes a good Wealth Management Website?

    Your marketing should enagage clients who are considering their retirement income, their wealth and are looking for expert financial advice.

    The choices clients make at this time of their life will affect their lifestyle. And it's getting that message across that's absolutely vital.

    There are lots of ways to market your wealth management company, we always ask you to consider what and how you want to market your firm, and to do this before you look at designs.

    1. What does your business actually do? (the more details we have the better).

    2. What do you want your site to accomplish? (some site designs will work harder on Google).

    3. What makes your company stand out? (this is key)

    4. Who are your competitors?

    5. What websites do you like and why? (you may not have exactly what you want, that's fine, we can adapt).

    Telling your clients they need to make the right choices to build and protect their wealth and consider their pension options!

    Top Tips for a great Wealth Management Website

    • Responsive Design - These days every new site is written responsively due to the increase in online devices, if you have a site that's not then it's time to upgrade.

    • Visually engaging - Grabs your visitor's attention with a wealth management site that uses eye catching images or slideshows.

    • Great content - Think about the aspirations of your visitors to your wealth management website; they'll be looking to build and protect their wealth and enjoy their lifestyle.

    • Build trust - Trust is especially important in the finance sector. Add adviser photos and client feedback. Encourage your visitors to make contact.

    • Interactive tools and articles - Static sites aren't great, which is why we provide online marketing (compliance checked) for your company and regularly update your content.

    • Visible contact details and calls to action - Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch.

    Work out the focus of your Wealth Management Website

    We can use any design and adapt it to portray your services and strengths, don't be put off if you see a website design you like form our portfolio that doesn't align with your firm. We build each of your websites individually, adding slideshows, images, content and navigation.

    Make a start and think about what services your wealth management company does best, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

    Popular services are typically pensions, investments and protection together with tax efficiency.

    Have a look at some of our wealth management websites and see if anything catches your eye.

    We don't just stop with your wealth management website!

    Quarterly Brochures for IFAS, providing marketing material for financial advisory companies

    We don't stop at providing your wealth management firm with a website. We produce branded newsletters for you to send out to your clients.

    There is no extra cost for this service, we like to think that we produce an all-in-one solution for your wealth management company. We feel it's important to make your clients feel valued, it makes great marketing sense.

    Newsletters will not only add depth and interest to your website. They can be a great way to help you keep in touch with your clients, your mailing list being your best marketing asset.

    Just by contacting clients with a regular newsletter will let them know that you're thinking of them and remind them of your worth.

    A Logo, professional images and regular marketing material is included with your site.

    Want to see more of our financial website designs?

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