10 Best Wealth Management Websites

August 20th 2021

We've had our work cut out, choosing 10 examples of websites that we've designed for wealth management companies.

It wasn't easy. We've tried to show you a varied selection and a range of designs. Visual impact, imagery and colour are important but so is functionality, clear calls-to-action and good quality content.

Wealth management firms have often been behind the curve in terms of adopting digital marketing strategies, compared with other firms.

This is where we can help, alongside your site we produce free financial newsletters, they can help you stay in touch with your own clients and demonstrate your own value.

If you don’t already have an integrated website marketing strategy in place that includes an effective website and marketing material, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities.

IFA Web Pro have spent almost two decades creating an developing websites for financial advisers and financial planners, alongside compliance approved newsletters.

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1. EUI Private Wealth (Ireland - EU)

Best wealth management website - no 7. EUI Private Wealth

An EU Client - we have a few

EUI Private Wealth is one of our EU clients. With a growing number of international / EU clients, based in Malta, Budapest, Ireland and Portugal, we are no longer limited to producing Financial Adviser websites to only the UK.

A number of our financial advisers are very mobile, having a history of working in the UK, then moving abroad. Sometimes residing and working in more than one place. These clients have a surprising overlap in that they are whilst supporting their UK clients, they are advising clients moving overseas.

We needed to add in pension transfers from the UK

One area we needed to cover was pension transfers from the UK and transferring pensions from Ireland to Malta. Did you know that there is a 30% tax-free lump sum (higher than the Irish one) or that there are multiple currency options when transferring a UK pension?

We of course included that focused on QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme), QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) and PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance) for the overseas market and interactive tools and links that would be pertinent to Ireland.

Compliance approved client newsletters

As with all our financial adviser websites, when wanted we include our client newsletters. They are a great selling point.

2. Austin Chapel - Independent Financial Advisers

Best IFA website - no 1. Austin Chapel

Dramatic but fresh feel to the website

We like the fresh appeal of Austin Chapel's site. Beautiful images of London and Oxford and the simplicity of no slide show (they are a personal preference, bearing in mind visitors rarely get past the second slide). The design offers a visual impact with a crisp, clean design and strong contrasting colours.

Design trends come and go in all areas of business communication and design, and websites are certainly no exception.

Most people respond well to visual content, marketers know that, which is why they use images, slideshows and videos on their sites. For visitors who feel over faced with lengthy content - slideshows can be a good solution.

Key points to the site

  • Eye-catching imagery, making good use of marketing headings and bylines
  • Strong contrasting colours
  • Simple and intuitive navigation, easy for clients to find their way around
  • We added interest to Austin Chapel's website with our branded compliance approved financial newsletters (they come included)

3. Another View Financial Services

Best Wealth Management website - no 10. Another View

A website with a relaxed feel

Samantha from Another View particularly wanted a relaxed feel, for clients to feel at straight at ease.

This was achieved by branding, language and relaxed images.

We used much of the content with have for other IFAs and added additional content on Estates and Will writing.

  • Clean and simple logo
  • Stunning images (we included from Istock, our preferred stockist)
  • Just their photos!

We offer 3 free image credits form Istock with each of our adviser websites, as we have a vested interest in wanting your website to look professional.

First impressions count!

We understand how much first impressions count. There's only so much you can say with words (we know that's corny), as on a website your potential financial services clients will scan past much of the information. So you need to make your website stand out.

Images are key

Any kind of investment and protection themed website needs to be able to instill the feeling of safety, trustworthiness, and protection in order to attract the target audience.

The photos on Another View's website are hand picked, thus making the website look more personal and not straight from a template.

4. Mit Fiscal

Best Wealth management website - no 3. Innovate

Financial Planner Brochure type website

Brian Filburn from Mit Fiscal wanted something different. A sleek (slidy) image based site. We do love it as does he. Mit Fiscal's website has an eye catching design which made good use of a large “hero” image to grab visitor's attention. We particularly liked the up and down movement / scrolling on the Home page.

Mit Fiscal's main services are wealth management, inheritance tax planning, bespoke cash management and investment planning. Everything to growing and protecting wealth.

Mit Fiscal's website shows the importance of their client relationships as do all our sites, by separating their reviews with sub-titles so visitors can relate quickly to an area of advice that might reflect what they are looking for.

5. Progressive Financial Planning

Best IFA website - no 3. Progressive

High Net Worth Clients

The business model of the Progressive Financial Planning is aimed at high net worth clients and this is reflected in the site's use of graphics and imagery. Images can play a large part is the branding of your website and are a critical part of your website design. We were lucky to have a great graphic designer on hand.

We had a graphic designer on board

We particularly like the attractive way the slides work together with snapshots of those images in each header. It has a brochure type feel to the site, using well written but minimal content and plenty of calls to action.

  • Beautiful imagery to reflect their high net worth branding
  • Use of a slideshow to market their services
  • Attractive presentation of graphics and images
  • Brochure type feel

6. Money Flow Financial Planning

Best Wealth Management website - no 8. ILPG

Clean uncluttered design

Roland Askew, a financial adviser with over 30 years experience is a director at Money Flow Financial Planning. He wanted a clean uncluttered looking site that would work well with it's strong but attractive branding.

  • Clean, plenty of white space
  • Life stages section with useful links
  • All of the necessary information can be easily found through the main navigation

Longevity Calculator

We added a longevity calculator to add interactivity and interest, which Roland finds useful when talking to his clients about retirement.

7. JP Maxwell Financial

Best IFA website - no 5. Oldbank

JP Maxwell Financial is clear about how their services and how they assist clients' in managing their wealth. They also use much of our content to offer clients information on the various financial products on the market.

Their home page uses a large banner image with a clear message about their holistic approach to financial advice.

  • Large banner image
  • The design and layout is responsive (as are all our websites), so the site looks great on any device and a number of their services.

  • Lovely colour tones
  • Attractive design

8. McKenzie Taylor
Wealth Management Site

Best wealth management website - no 4. Mckenzie Taylor

Historic Imagery

The business model of the MacKenzie Asset Management is aimed at high net worth clients and this is reflected in the site's subtle use of historic imagery and straplines. Professional imagery can play a large role in the branding of your wealth management website and can be a great basis of your design.

We always offer free images  with each of our wealth management websites. We have a vested interest in wanting your website to look professional and perform well.

We were pleased with the beautiful staff page, which opens out additional content when each staff member is clicked. We know how important it is in the financial planning market to build trust, staff photos and testimonials go a long way in building trust.

  • Historical imagery to reflect their high net worth branding
  • Use of a slideshow to market their services
  • Attractive presentation of their staff
  • Brochure type feel

9. Morley James Asset Management

Best IFA website - no 5. Morley James

Colour is one of the most significant elements of any website design. It creates emotion and reinforces a brand. Morley Jame's site makes good use of black and white imagery.

Morley James is a good example of one of our IFA Sites where the content is predominately written by ourselves. All of our generic content has been FCA compliant approved.

  • Beautiful eye catching front page image
  • Makes full use of our financial brochures which are included in the £40pm fee
  • The icons add a nice visual touch
  • Portfolio Page for Morley Jame's clients

10. Ralston Bennett Financial Planning

Website Design for an wealth management firm - Ralston Bennett

Jeff Ralston's IFA firm is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Jeff wanted to use black and white imagery that depicted his area, something that could stand out and be unique to him.

When clients reached his wealth management site, Jeff wanted them to see at a quick glance what services he offered, he didn't want clients to get overwhelmed by content, he was looking for a brochure type feel.

  • This clean and somewhat minimal design looks great.
  • Customised quarterly brochures branded with their logo.
  • Simple navigation.

What makes a good Wealth Management Website?

Your marketing should engage clients who are considering their retirement income, their wealth and are looking for expert financial advice.

The choices clients make at this time of their life will affect their lifestyle. And it's getting that message across that's absolutely vital.

There are lots of ways to market your wealth management company, we always ask you to consider what and how you want to market your firm, and to do this before you look at designs.

1. What does your business actually do? (the more details we have the better).

2. What do you want your site to accomplish? (some site designs will work harder on Google).

3. What makes your company stand out? (this is key)

4. Who are your competitors?

5. What websites do you like and why? (you may not have exactly what you want, that's fine, we can adapt).

Telling your clients they need to make the right choices to build and protect their wealth and consider their pension options!

Top Tips for a great Wealth Management Website

  • Responsive Design - These days every new site is written responsively due to the increase in online devices, if you have a site that's not then it's time to upgrade.

  • Visually engaging - Grabs your visitor's attention with a wealth management site that uses eye catching images or slideshows.

  • Great content - Think about the aspirations of your visitors to your wealth management website; they'll be looking to build and protect their wealth and enjoy their lifestyle.

  • Build trust - Trust is especially important in the finance sector. Add adviser photos and client feedback. Encourage your visitors to make contact.

  • Interactive tools and articles - Static sites aren't great, which is why we provide online marketing (compliance checked) for your company and regularly update your content.

  • Visible contact details and calls to action - Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch.

Work out the focus of your Wealth Management Website

We can use any design and adapt it to portray your services and strengths, don't be put off if you see a website design you like form our portfolio that doesn't align with your firm. We build each of your websites individually, adding slideshows, images, content and navigation.

Make a start and think about what services your wealth management company does best, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Popular services are typically pensions, investments and protection together with tax efficiency.

Have a look at some of our wealth management websites and see if anything catches your eye.

We don't just stop with your wealth management website!

Quarterly Brochures for IFAS, providing marketing material for financial advisory companies

We don't stop at providing your wealth management firm with a website. We produce branded newsletters for you to send out to your clients.

There is no extra cost for this service, we like to think that we produce an all-in-one solution for your wealth management company. We feel it's important to make your clients feel valued, it makes great marketing sense.

Newsletters will not only add depth and interest to your website. They can be a great way to help you keep in touch with your clients, your mailing list being your best marketing asset.

Just by contacting clients with a regular newsletter will let them know that you're thinking of them and remind them of your worth.

A Logo, professional images and regular marketing material is included with your site.

A few of our recent Financial Websites

Progressive Financial Services

Progressive Financial - one of our beautiful IFA websites that we develop for financial services firms in the UK

Progressive Financial Planning Limited has been running for 20 years; located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Ian Runcie wanted a sleek looking website, we worked with his graphic designer to produce a beautiful looking site.

We love the wide images, which were placed prominently on his site. They are dramatic but subtle too, it can be hard getting the right balance.

EUI Private Wealth

Corporate Wealth - one of our stunning IFA websites crafted from one of our adviser templates

EUI Private Wealth is based in Dublin, Ireland and is one of our EU clients. Although our client base is predominately the UK, we do have a growing number of international / EU clients who are based in Malta, Budapest, Ireland and Portugal.

EUI private Wealth are pleased with the value we offer, a professional website (including relevant pension content for the EU), together with free client newsletters and a fabulous customer service.

Sterling Financial

Sterling Financial - one of our IFA websites from our client based in London Docklands

Denise from Sterling Financial was looking for a good value proposition, one where they could offer client newsletters and showcase their expertise without going over budget.

Although the fashion is large images and less navigation we added a side navigation to help Sterling Financials' clients navigate their site, clear intuitive navigation for the demographic that are looking for financial services can be an important consideration.

Want to see more of our financial website designs?

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IFA Web Pro are in the business of designing wealth management websites, we cater for all financial advisory firms in the UK. If you'd like to find out more, just give us a call. Phone: 01453 521358.