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Google+ is changing

google+ plus is changing

Redesign around Communities and Collections

Google says that after collecting feedback from its users it has made a decision to focus on two key features: communities and collections.

Collections launched earlier this year as a way to let users collect content from a single idea and then share it with other users, while the older communities section encouraged users of similar interests to share hobbies and interests.

The new version was rolled out today : November 17th 2015.

A Google spokesperson described the changes: We've made it easier to find Communities and Collections in search, post to Communities and Collections and browse all your favorite content in a beautiful new home stream. The new web experience loads fast and works beautifully on the smallest mobile screens and the biggest desktop displays.

What's changing?

On November 17, 2015, the new Google+ was launched, it's been redesigned with making it easier and faster to use Collections, Communities, and see your home stream.

If you use the Google+ app on a mobile phone, you will see the new Google+ when your app updates.

You can try out the new Google+ on your computer. To switch to the new Google+, click Try the new Google+.

Some features are not available in the new Google+. You can only switch back to the classic Google+ if you're using a computer.

Changes in the new Google+:

Photo tagging

To see, approve, or delete name tags in photos, use the Android app, or switch back to classic Google+.


Profiles in the new Google+ have been streamlined and simplified. They include your Collections, Communities, and posts. People using the new Google+ can only see your new Google+ profile.

Some information is visible on your Google+ profile to people using classic Google+, but doesn't show up in the new Google+. You can change or remove that information by switching back to classic Google+ and editing your profile.

The “Photos” tab on your Google+ profile no longer shows up in the new Google+. You can see it by switching back to classic Google+. You can also use Google Photos to store, share, and manage your photos.


With the new Google+, you can only make new events in the Android app. In order to make events on a computer, you'll need to switch back to classic Google+.


If you're using the new iOS app or the new Google+ on your computer, you'll be able to vote on a poll but not create one. Switch back to classic Google+, or use the Android app to make a new poll.


The new Google+ doesn't include Hangouts. To use Hangouts, visit the Hangouts homepage or download the Hangouts app.

Location Sharing

With the new Google+, you can:

  • See locations that people are sharing with you in their Google Account information.
  • See everyone sharing location with you on a map with Locations in the Android app.

Google is merely taking the parts of the service that were “working” for users and putting them front and center for its users.