Marketing and SEO for IFAs

Digital publishing for IFAs, we produce a quarterly client newsletter for our advisers

A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines a company's advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. It describes business activities involved in accomplishing specific marketing objectives within a set time frame.

With our expertise in web development for financial services firms, we are here to help you get your company online. We have some stunning website designs together with a regular stream of FCA approved newsletters. We can help you show your worth and keep in touch with your clients.

It's all within budget too, at £385 and £40pm. That includes all your website maintenance, keeping your site up to date and annual compliance approvals.

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Just having a website is not enough

Financial Advisor Newsletters

Get the word out there! Use our newsletters to stay in touch with existing clients and host local seminars to find new ones.

You need to attract new business to your site, making sure you give it as much exposure as possible and connect to your customers.

We know this can be done using SEO (getting your site found on Google and other major search engines), advertising in online listings, email marketing and spreading the word through Social Media.

Don't worry we incorporate best practice SEO and optimisation into all our sites and we can support you with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

But don't be fooled, competition is fierce and we know form our other advisers that personal contact can be more engaging, think about having coffee mornings and seminars too.

Client Newsletters

Quarterly Branded Newsletters

Financial Advisor Newsletters

Free or £60 each for clients who don't have a website with us.

We design and produce quarterly branded newsletters and brochures (all included in your monthly fee) to assist your company in engaging with your customers. We then email these to to and add to your website.

The content in our newsletters is compliant with FCA guidelines. They are all passed through a number of major compliance companies first, before they are published.

We are unique in that we are (to our knowledge) the only Website company for financial advisers who produce client newsletters without making an additional charge.

Our quarterly newsletters are FCA compliance approved (don't worry we deal with your network) and added to our client's website.

Schema and Google's “EAT”

Don't worry! We can help. Tell us about your qualifications, expertise and client feedback, we'll do the rest


One of the latest evolutions in SEO is called schema markup. This new form of optimisation is one of the most powerful but least-utilized forms of SEO available today. You're in safe hands, we have grasped the concept and method of schema markup to help boost your website in the search engine result pages.


EAT: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness

Let us add your details to any articles you send, together with a boost on your qualifications we can help add your authority to any posts.

Use of Blogs

It is true, “Content is King”

Content, the right headings, images and tags all reach out to Google, building up impressions. Loosely speaking, impressions convert to clicks. Over time adding one or two blog articles to your site (natural growth) can make a difference. Especially if you're adding trending topics.

We regularly add articles sent by a few of our clients, adding meta descriptions and images on their behalf. We then submit these articles to Google (Webmaster tools) to kick start the indexing process.

Typically a blog should be 500-1000 words, using many of your keywords and searched for phrases.

Google+ Webmaster tool, impressions convert to clicks

Marketing Resources


Mailchimp is a really useful email marketing tool; it is something you can use to promote your business, keep contact with your clients and point visitors to your website.

Mailchimp is free and the company don't start charging you unless you reach a monthly limit of 2,000 emails per month. We've found it a really useful tool to send out newsletter type emails that are eye-catching, something that's important for today's marketing.

Read our article on getting the most from your newsletters

Online Directories

Here are a few online directories to get you started. A good tip is to see where your competitors are listed and do the same.

See our article on online directories and see who performs best!

online directories for IFAs : Marketing support

Search Engine Optimisation

The fact is however that many firms do not have the time or knowledge to operate in this area. If you need help with this, or don't have the time to do it yourself, then we have teamed up with a third party Serendipity online marketing who have experience in social media and SEO campaigns, so please call us.

Serendipity online marketing have a range of powerful and strategic SEO packages designed to improve your IFA rankings and exposure in the major search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), link building, blogging, search engine submissions, forums and other leading industry techniques.

In order get your IFA website to rank higher on Google we assist with SEO (which includes Google+ and Google Analytics). We work closely with an out of house SEO specialist Graham Baylis, from Serendipity who offers services to optimise your website for search engines and advise you from what we've learnt from working closely with Graham as well as using that knowledge when we design our financial websites.

Graham will offer a free SEO survey and Google Analytics check to any of our clients.

Social Media for IFAs

These days all the buzz is about the area of Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the various 'Bookmarking' sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit all becoming hot topics of discussion

The relevance of this area is ever increasing and the fact that Google and Bing are making overtures to Twitter and Facebook (and that Google has bought Youtube) are just a few of the reasons that no website owner can now realistically ignore these sites in their marketing strategy.

Most SEO specialists will offer the following services:-

  • Creating Twitter Accounts
  • Managing Twitter Accounts
  • Posting Tweets
  • Increasing Followers
  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Social Media Planning

Packages are typically available from £100 a month upwards, all being personally created to suit your individual needs.


Blog Management & Commenting Services for IFAs

Keeping the Blog Updated and Managed

Keeping a blog going can be an onerous task (many blogs don't last because of this), SOM's blog commenting service has been introduced. They don't only post blogs, but also manage all the comments and promote the blog using various tools.

All we ask, is PLEASE go with a recommendation and ask about previous clients' work.