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Attitude to Risk Questionnaire

1st November 2021

Is this something that could save you valuable time? We know how busy our financial advisers are

We are excited to be working on an attitude to risk questionnaire (15 questions in total). A client asked for it to help his clients understand their attitude to risk. It saves him doing it manally and having to calculate the score!

There was no charge for this service, since we feel it's a development that can benefit our other directly authorised clients.

Would an attitude to risk questionnaire be helpful, we know how buy financial advisers are

Your Autumn Newsletter is Ready

1st October 2018

Saving into a pension can be vital if you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement - but watch out for any pension pitfalls that could catch you out.

So in this issue for our clients' quarterly newsletter, we have focused primarily on retirement planning pitfalls and the pros & cons of annuities.

We even touched on nil-rate band discretionary trusts which can be used in estate planning to reduce liability to Inheritance tax on the death of a surviving joint spouse or partner.

These trusts can safeguard assets that otherwise could be liable to means testing if the survivor had to go into long-term care. They aren't so popular since 2007 (the introduction of the transferable nil rate band) but can still be useful.

Autumn Newsletter

Christmas Opening Hours

12th December 2017

Merry Christmas to our Financial Advisers

Please find below our Christmas opening hours. Out of hours we'll only be able to deal with urgent issues. Please email if you have a requirement that can't wait.

Wednesday 21st December Open as normal
Thursday 22nd December Open as normal
Friday 23rd December Limited hours
Monday 25th until Tuesday 2nd January     Closed
Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th January Open 8am to 2pm
Friday 5th January Closed
Monday 8th January Open as normal and back to normal

Christmas Hours

Your Budget Brochure is Ready

15th March 2017

The Budget Report 2017

Part of the service we provide to Financial Advisers apart from their website is delivering them a quarterly brochure to send out to their clients.

It's not a quick job, but we feel it canbe a valuable extra that we can offer to our clients, one they can use to add depth to their website and use as a marketing tool. Part of our process is passing financial brochures to the relevant compliance companies and then adding to our client's websites.

Our regular brochures are included in your monthly fee. Though if you want one that's matched to your logo and company colours we do have to charge a small surcharge.

Our Spring brochure provides a summary of The Budget, the biggest surprise this time being an increase in the self-employed national insurance, which has since been scrapped.

The vast majority of our brochures have come back from compliance, we're just waiting on a couple of the smaller networks.

If your brochure is ready (they nearly all are!), then you will have been notified and your latest brochure will be sitting on your website for your clients to read.

Here's our latest newsletters to date: Quarterly Brochures for IFAs

Merry Christmas from IFA Web Pro

10th December 2016

Season's Greetings from the team at IFA Web Pro.

The year has flown past, as always thank you for your support, we have enjoyed working with you all.

Opening Hours

Monday 19th December 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 20th December 8am - 4pm
Wednesday Dec 21st 8am - 4pm
Thursday Dec 22nd 8am - 10am
Friday 23rd Closed until Wednesday 5th January

IFA Web Pro - IFA Websites : Christmas Opening hours

Cracking website deal for IFAs

28th November 2016

We often offer a bespoke website design to IFAs and don't charge extra, we do stipulate that the design isn't exclusive. That means we can offer it to other financial advisers for our normal templated website flat rate.

choice of financial planner site getting too much?

Brochure type site, minimal content, large dramatic black and white images of Belfast

Great website deal

Our Top 10 Best IFA Websites

Here are some great examples of our adviser websites, ones that keep users engaged with simple and intuitive navigation whilst still delivering their messages clearly and effectively.

1. Just Enrolment

Best IFA website - no 1. Just Enrolment Top 10 IFA Websites

1st July 2016

What should you be telling your clients post Brexit?

What should financial advisers be telling their clients post Brexit?

The outcome of the Referendum to leave the EU was a surprise, many expected the “Remain” side to win.

General advice is to hang on to investments and time the purchase of an annuity. Now is not the time to panic!

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We're different from other IFA website providers

2nd May 2016

Excellent services for financial advisers (IFA)

We're passionate about our products and service, we think you'll find it shows.

Why IFA Web Pro?

1st April 2016

Personalised Budget Report

Personalised Budget Reports for IFAs

You can purchase a branded brochure that includes your logo and is customised to your company colours.

Price: £20 (clients) or £70 (non clients). No VAT.


  IFA Web Pro Clients Brochure Only (No website)
Company Details Free £50
Logo and company colours £20 £70

IFA Brochures

Your 2016 Budget Brochure

The Budget Report - Free branded newsletters for IFAs with your monthly website fee of 40 pm

Your branded Budget reports are on their way, they have been passed by a number of compliance officers and have been emailed out to you. They will be on your website in the next day or so.

If you currently don't receive a branded quarterly newsletter and would like to just let us know, they are free with your monthly website fee of £40.

Budget Brochure

The Best IFA Websites?

Best IFA Websites for today's Advisers

We deliver professional website designs to financial advisers and financial planners. One that is easy to navigate and accurately reflects their services.

Our field of expertise is in producing an effective online presence and having an understanding on how websites are used for financial advisory firms and what works best.

Best IFA Websites

19th January 2016

Marketing - make sure you don't forget the basics.

Do what your competitors do and more!

Basics of marketing for financial advisers - do what your competitos do and more

It's worked for us.

  • Where are your competitors listed?
  • What do they offer?
  • Understand the market
  • Get your website to work hard on SEO (we can help with that)
  • Make your website content engaging (we can help with that too!)
  • Communicate with your clients (we can even help you out here)
Marketing for IFAs

18th December 2015

Merry Christmas from IFA Web Pro

Season's Greetings from the team at IFA Web Pro.

The year has flown past, as always thank you for your support, we have enjoyed working with you all.

Opening Hours

Monday 21st December: 7am - 11am
Tuesday 22nd December: 7am - 11am
Wednesday Dec 23rd - 4th Jan: Closed

Autumn Statement 2015

Despite George Osborne's Autumn Statement repeating a number of the measures set out in earlier Budgets, there were still some new announcements.

Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement Looming

20th November 2015

Autumn Statemant : What changes are likely for IFAs?

George Osborne's tax credit changes loom!

Chancellor Osborne will give his first “All-Tory” Autumn Statement on Wednesday November 25th 2015.

Chancellor George Osborne will next week use his Autumn Statement set out details of cuts to spending of around 25 per cent for unprotected departments over the next four years.

So far 11 ministers have settled their cuts, including work and pensions, energy and climate change, transport, communities and local government, and environment, food and rural affairs. Health and international development are protected from cuts.

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Google+ is changing

Google says that after collecting feedback from its users it has made a decision to focus on two key features: communities and collections.

Collections launched earlier this year as a way to let users collect content from a single idea and then share it with other users, while the older communities section encouraged users of similar interests to share hobbies and interests.

google+ plus is changing

The new version was rolled out today : November 17th 2015.

Google is changing

Are we taking care of you?

29th October 2015

We have listened to what our advisers want and then delivered it.

A stunning website at an affordable cost as well as helping you keep in touch with your clients

Looking after our IFAs

Free client newsletters for IFAs with all our adviser websites

Autumn Brochure 2015

22nd October 2015

Newletters for IFAs

Your Autumn Brochure will be hitting your inbox today.

Regular financial newsletters you can send to your clients to help you to keep in touch.

In this issue we focus on some of the savings and investment changes taking place in April 2016: Tax free Personal Saving allowance, tax on savings interest and the new dividend tax.

Branded Quarterly brochures are included with all our adviser websites.

Free Client newsletters

It has just been passed by our preferred compliance company to give you peace of mind, before we can add it to your website.

Let us help you keep in touch with your clients

Take a look

Summer Brochure 2015

5th August 2015

branded newsletters for IFAs - Summer Brochure 2015

Free Branded Brochures

Your summer brochure for your clients has arrived. It will be on your website (or with your compliance officer if you're not directly regulated) and emailed to you. Client newsletters can be a useful marketing tool by helping you to keep in touch with your clients and. If you're not receiving our quarterly branded newsletters (for YOUR Clients) and you'd like to let us know. They're free, it's all part of our service.

It has just been passed by our preferred compliance company to give you peace of mind, before we can add it to your website.

Let us help you keep in touch with your clients

Take a look

Financial Ombudsman details added to your websites

7th July 2015

IFAs to have FOS details on their website

The Financial Conduct Authority have made a change to it's handbook regarding complaints. As a result it is now a requirement for all financial advisers to have a page showing details of the Financial Ombudsman Service on their website.

Don't worry we've taken care of it for you.

FCA Regulation


15th April 2015

IFAs 21st April Mobilegeddon

We reported earlier this year (See article) Google's announcement of using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal from April 21, 2015.

April 21 is less than a week away and because of the potential impact Google's change could have, the date is now being referenced as “Mobilegeddon”. Google may have announced the update early, but it hasn't been forthcoming until more recently with details.

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Longer scrolling web pages for IFAs?

7th April 2015

At the start of the year we looked at new website trends for 2015 and then more recently at clicking vs scrolling for IFAs

Now we have our latest design which showcases the use of longer pages.

Looking at Responsive Design for IFAs Read More

Clicking vs Scrolling for IFAs?

clicking vs scrolling for IFAs

There are advantages and disadvantages to both website scrolling and clicking. For instance in the case of scrolling it could seem that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Scrolling can be faster than clicking for website users. With modern devices including touch pads that use a 'swiping' action and scrolling mouse does mean that users can scroll through longer pages of content with ease.

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Helping IFAs keep in touch with their clients : Budget Report 2015

Budget Report 2015

Being emailed out to you!

We have just finished drafting our Spring Newsletter, which contains news from the 2015 Budget Report.

It has just been passed by our preferred compliance company to give you peace of mind, before we can add it to your website.

Latest Newsletter for IFAs to keep in touch

The last Budget was seen as the “Pension Budget” this one is seen as the “Savers Budget”.

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How will Google's announcement on mobile sites affect IFAs?

Starting from April 21st 2015

Google has announced that its new algorithm update will 'Significantly Impact' sites without mobile compatibility.

Google April Responsive Design algorithm and how it will effect our IFAs Read More

Changes to Pension Transfer Rules : helping to keep our financial advisers informed

FCA Changes to Pension Transfer Rules

The FCA already regulates advice on transfers to personal pensions. The new regime will bring advice on transfers from defined benefit (DB) schemes to occupational defined contribution (DC) occupational schemes into the FCA's remit.

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What web designs trends will IFAs see in 2015?

What web designs trends will IFAs see in 2015?
Read More

Brochures for IFAs, what to expect when

Spring / Budget Newsletter: Second Week in April

Summer Newsletter: Last week in July

Autumn Newsletter: Last week in October

Winter / Autumn Statement: Second week in January

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What Employee Benefits does your firm offer?

1st February 2015

why financial advisers should value their staff

In January Marketing Plans were all the talk and I know we're guilty of constantly telling you to value your clients, making use of newsletters and brochures to stay in touch. This week we've had a think about employee benefits.

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Cloning warning from the FCA

28th January 2015

The Financial Conduct Authority

The FCA have issued an alert that there has been an increase in regulated firms being cloned by fraudsters. Cloning is when a fraudster uses a firm's name, registration number and address to suggest they are genuine when cold-calling investors to promote investment opportunities that are non-tradable, worthless, overpriced or even non-existent.

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Clients' News

25th January 2015

TMW Wealth supports local charity

Each year at Christmas, TWM Ltd donate a selection of toys to a local charity. TWM's MD Steve Thompson says, “I feel it is important to support the local community in whatever way we can”.

The toys were donated to “New Beginnings” Refuge Service in Dudley. New Beginnings aim is to provide immediate, safe accommodation for adults and children who are victims of domestic violence/abuse.

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How IFAs can market their branded newsletters

22nd January 2015

marketing your branded newsletters

This week our “The Adviser - Winter 2015” will have been sent to you and added to your website. But are you making the most of your brochures and newsletters?

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The Adviser - Winter 2015

Add Winter Adviser Newletter to you website and let us help you with your marketing

19th January 2015

We have just produced our Winter newsletter for Advisers. It will be emailed to you and automatically added onto your website this week. It's full of financial articles to show your worth to your clients, a very useful marketing tool.

All newsletters are branded with your company details and regulatory statement. They are free of charge and automatically added onto your website.

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Marketing Plan for 2015?

15th January 2015

The Marketing Plan: everyone will tell you that you absolutely have to have one. Few of the people who say that, however, are able to tell you what exactly a marketing plan consists of.

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Using Slideshows as a marketing tool for your IFA Website

7th January 2015

Slideshows are becoming more popular and can be a good way to market your services. Slideshows (using professional images from our image provider) are offered free our IFA Websites.

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New Year - New Start?

2nd January 2015

The New Year is now upon us, it's a great time to consider a new IFA website for your company.


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Christmas Wishes and Opening Hours

19th December 2014

Christmas is upon us again, the year has flown by!

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Autumn statement added to your IFA website by 5pm 3rd December

Autumn Statement

3rd December 2014

George Osborne gave his annual Autumn Statement to Parliament on 3rd December 2014.

We created each of our clients a 6 page Brochure after the speech, which we emailed out that day (and also added to client's websites for all clients who choose to have a newsletter page). We included free branding with each of our Autumn Statement brochures (Company details and regulatory statement) for all of our clients.

There is no charge for a branded copy of our Autumn Statement brochure, it is all included within the monthly fee for your IFA website. We believe in the importance of supporting our clients to stay within budget. to put our feet up, a very well deserved rest is very much needed!

Demonstration Copy »

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Which Financial Adviser Directory works best

1st December 2014

Be found easily by prospective clients in your local area. See our article on online directories » and see which performs best for you!

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Quarterly Newsletters

29th October 2014

Autumn Newsletter added

In this issue both the Flexibility on Pension Lump sums and the “Death tax” on Pensions being abolished are under the spotlight. Proposed Pension reforms both due to take effect in April 2015

Read More

New IFA Website Design C

4th August 2014

professional IFA website design Refined Advice
See Design

New IFA Website Design A

15th June 2014

professional IFA website design The financial adviser

See Design

Joining forces with an SEO Specialist

10th June 2014

Being found for relevant searches will assist in attracting prospective clients to your website and generating enquires. For this reason IFA Web Pro have teamed with Graham Baylis from Serendipity, so we can effectively support you with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation service, in order to help increase your website ranking on Google and other search engines.

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Getting started - websites for IFAs

12th April 2014

....... One of the first things we did was to write new content, enchanced with images and in bite sized chunks. This was to both embrace best practice for search engine optimisation and also to improve the engagement of prospects when they visited clients' websites.

Another important change was the decision to not offer a content management system and instead to provide a more tailored service of a complete site build and maintenance.

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IFA Systems

10th March 2014

IFA Systems :: DEveloping, Designing and hosting websites for IFAs

Our journey started with IFA Systems, they were innovative in being the first to offer IFAs a templated solution in 1999.

In May 2012 IFA Web Pro was formed after the acquisition from PracticeWEB didn't go as planned. We were excited to be able to retain key personnel from IFA Systems who were very much part of their website development team.

This has meant that IFA Web Pro have been able to carry on leading the IFA website market by making further innovations. We started where IFA Systems left off; now offering a more customised approach to the website templated solution.

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