Marketing for IFAs

What Employee Benefits does your firm offer?

why financial advisers should value their staff

In January Marketing Plans were all the talk and I know we're guilty of constantly telling you to value your clients, making use of newsletters and brochures to stay in touch. This week we've had a think about employee benefits.

The value of Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining top talent is something that's becoming increasingly important to financial advisers. We've seen an increase in vacancy pages on financial adviser's websites during the last few years. Rewarding and recognising your staff is just one way to help you appeal to the right people, boost productivity and create a motivated workforce.

Looking at the latest fitness trends for your staff

Exercise is one way to help your staff, make them feel valued and get them fit and well into the bargain.

We've been looking at the latest trampolining trend in fitness. Our office building has an empty 2 story space (60 ft long) attached, we are seriously considering creating a trampolining space or a couple of cross trainers. The question is will it be tax free? That's a question for financial advisers.

Trampolining is it better than running?

Trampolining has been in the news, as a fast growing forms of exercise for adults, due to new indoor arenas opening up around the UK.

Trampoline fitness classes reported a record number of bookings before 2020, and instructors claim that this form of exercise is a better work out than going for a run.

But of course with more home working online classes for all manner of exercise classes have been fastly growing.

Although now, with more employees working from home online classes have grown any many other exercise classes have emerged.

Health Benefits

  1. The trampoline jump circulates oxygen to parts of the body
  2. It boosts lymph drainage
  3. Stimulates the metabolism
  4. Builds the core
  5. Increases blood circulation
  6. Offers relief from neck and back pains and other aches as it banishes stiffness
  7. Strengthens bone density
  8. Increases endorphins and de-stresses you

“Are your staff feeling bogged down with the week's load of work? Now, throw out the stress with the workout that's grabbing everyone's attention. It's the trampoline workout, which will have you bouncing into the air on a spring.”