How to Build a Loyal Audience on the Web

  • Look at Quality not quantity, by tracking metrics that matter: visitors, referrals, bounce rate, exit page, conversion rate, top 10 pages. Web analytics can be overwhelming, pick a metric that matters to you and your business and try and improve it. A good book to help with web metrics is Web Analytics an hour a day.
  • Click through does not always mean high engagement, break your content down into chunks and make use of infographics and images to catch your prospects's interest. Infographics are graphic visual representations of data that used to present complex information quickly and clearly. See below. If you need an infographic for your website, please ask.
  • Try and use less generic “baits” like: best, top, biggest, instead make more use of personal engagement, emotion, views and news instead.
  • Aim for a better quality audience, know your market and think about what your audience are looking for. Try and see your website through their eyes. Most people visit a financial adviser website to get information.
  • Email is key to building an audience. Don't be fooled by thinking social media is the only answer.
  • Partnering with like-minded websites is a great way to introduce a new audience. When businesses have great partners to refer customers to that are similarly related to the same industry, customers recognise this and go the partner for their needs because they trust the company that referred them on.
  • Use high quality content and targeted content, it makes a difference to both your users and Google Rankings. Try and make sure your website is useful and informative, more valuable than other sites, credible, high quality and engaging.
  • Test the response to what you send out, Mailchimp is a great free marketing tool, you can see who read and opened your newsletters and even who clicks on what links.
  • Invest in design. Maybe it's time to think about improving the images you have on your website or even a redesign. We have a great library full of professional photos and are happy to bespoke them for you.

If you need advice on marketing your website or using your website to aid your overall marketing plan, come and talk to us. We're always happy to offer business advice if we're able.