Slideshows on your IFA Website


Using a slideshow as a marketing tool      


A slideshow of banner images, each with a sublime message can be a good way of marketing your services.

Whichever website design you chose we're happy to include a slideshow on your website, there is no extra charge and you can select up to 4 free professional images from our image provider.

Example of a site using a slide show on the “Home” page :

A marketing tool for your IFA website?

Slideshows or carousels are becoming more popular in modern web designs. Carousels are essentially slideshow navigations and can be a good way to market your services.

Slideshows are very popular on home pages of corporate websites. They are very useful for showing important information about a company. Generally, corporations will include an explanation of what the company does, a brief preview of the products, an explanation of what sets their products apart, and many further user options.

Putting concise straplines on a slideshow will get your message across in the most efficient manner. It's a way to communicate Unique selling points (USPs) of your company or market your most prominent services.

Slideshows are also a great way to market products and services without taking up too much space. By fitting numerous featured “messages” into a smaller element, you are allowing more space for other content.

What will a slideshow cost?

Nothing, it's included in the price.

Do I need to add a slideshow to all pages on my website?

IFAs often have a choice of products to choose from and a slideshow can be useful in providing key points on each service or product or explaining what the company does. We recommend that if you add a slideshow, then you're usually better just adding it to the home page. Clients can find movement distracting when on subsequent pages, there is no need to overdo it.