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Wealth management website redesign

We don't stop at designing your wealth management website. As time goes on your needs and aspirations can change, we understand that and provide a site that can grow with your business

We are in the process of redesigning a website for 2 of our existing clients, both clients are in the wealth management market but with have differing needs.

Oxford Advisory Partnership
wealth management firm in Oxford

IFA Web Pro design websites for wealth management firms across the UK

Oxford Advisory Partnership's original site was one of the first sites we designed making it between 4 and 5 years old. We liked their original site, showing images of Oxford and although at the time it wasn't written responsively (to work on mobile devices) so we did spend 3 or 4 hours adapting it (for free) so it would.

But we understand times and fashion (as well as your budget) can change.

Steve Pitson from Oxford Advisory Partnership wanted a more dramatic looking design, one that used quality images that filled the screen. We recommended he looked at Istock, they used to be quite expensive but in recent years we have seen a huge price fall (images dropping from £100 to £24).

We do offer free images from Shutterstock and Deposit Photos, who provide professional images as well as any we have already purchased. However, we personally feel that Istock offer some incredibly good images for a slightly higher premium and if we would recommend that you take a look.

We have to make a nominal charge of £325 for a redesign (to existing clients obviously). It only covers some of our time. Unfortunately we can't offer this service for free.

Henson Crisp
wealth management firm in Peterborough

Wealth management firms across the UK benefit from our long history of web design experience with IFAs and Financial Planners

Henson Crisp has expanded since they first came to us. Having both an office in Peterborough and London. We adapted our design to reflect this. Their old site which again was one of our earlier sites was started to feel a little dated.

Today there are many more high-resolution screens available, this is the number of “pixels” we can show. In simple terms website widths have been able to get wider. So whereas 5 years ago 960px was quite a popular website width, today a width of 1200px is more common.

One need Henson Crisp has is search engine optimisation, it's vital to their firm as they get a reasonable proportion of business from Google searches. With the new release of Google Fred which prioritise content “above the fold” it was paramount that we utilised this area of the site.

All of our sites are written responsively to work on mobile devices, we also offer free images and client newsletters.

What to consider for a redesign

The same rules apply when you go for a redesign as when you originally had your website developed. You need to consider the following:

1. Think about what your business actually does and make sure that you are portraying that clearly.

2. Consider what want your site to achieve? (some site designs will work harder on Google).

3. How you can make your company stand out

4. Have you nvestigated your competition?

5. Are there any web design trends that you like?

Every website redesign starts with your goals

Top tips for a good wealth management website

  • Responsive Web Design - All our websites are developed responsively due to the increased use of online devices.

  • Visually engaging - A wealth management site that uses eye catching images is a great way to catch your prospects attention.

  • Quality Content - getting information across to clients about how they can build and protect their wealth to enjoy their lifestyle is key for a wealth management website.

  • Developing Trust - The finance sector relies on trust. If you can, we would advise that you show adviser photos and clients' feedback. This can help in encouraging your visitors to make contact.

  • Interactive tools and articles - Static sites don't perform well, it's for this reason that we provide online marketing (compliance checked) for your company and regularly update your content.

  • Visible contact details - Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch by using visible contact details and calls to action.

Think about the focus of your wealth management website

Any of our designs for IFAs and Financial Planners can to adapted to work to market your services, so please don't be off put by a website design you like that doesn't instantly align with your firm. We build each of our websites individually.

Make a start and think about what services your wealth management company does best, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Popular services for wealth management firms are typically pensions, investments, cash flow forecasting, life stages and protection together with tax efficiency.

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IFA Web Pro are in the business of designing wealth management websites, we cater for all financial advisory firms in the UK. If you'd like to find out more, just give us a call. Phone: 01453 521358.