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Your IFA Website Content Matters

January 2019

Your IFA Website Content Matters

Your website content for your Adviser site needs to be carefully written. You need it to make an impact and engage your visitors, it is the website copy that will assist your IFA firm to make a conversion.

Here are 10 top tips to make your adviser website copy work for you:

1. Be clear and concise

Websites aren't like books, visitors tend to scan them rather than read websites. This means the copy on your website must be clear and concise and easy to read. Copy should be in short sentences and paragraphs which are broken up with headings, bullet points and images.

2. Strong titles and shorter sentences

Use effective titles and introduce a number of shorter sentences to break up the text. Both will grab your readers attention.

3. Consider your target market

As a financial services firm, you need to use a professional and reassuring tone, highlighting the benefits of using your product or service or of choosing you over a competitor.

Think about using you rather than I or we and make it about your clients (& prospects) and less about your company.

When using “you” means the copy is talking directly to the customer.

4. Be Professional

Poorly written copy, or copy littered with spelling and grammatical errors, will only gives a bad impression and may put off visitors.

5. Show your worth as an IFA

You know you should sell benefits of investing in financial advice rather features of your service. You need to emphasise that value and qualify your value statements.

You could produce a summary showing all of your financial services an a list of benefits you can offer your clients; that way you’ll communicate both quality and quantity and your website visitors will be able to see a clearer picture of what you can do for them.

6. Use calls to action (CTA)

The calls to action on your IFA website should be clear and compelling and encourage the user to progress. For example “Invest in your future” rather than “Click here”

7. Get your visitors to relate to you

Think about adding a personal news section where you can add personal stories or a case study page showing how you helped clients with their retirement plans. Personal stories help build personal connections with your visitors. They’ll be more willing to listen to you.

Add staff photos and client testimonials!

8. Use Keywords

Without overdoing it, weave a few researched keywords into your website copy to give the site a better chance of being found in the search engines. It has to sound natural though!

9. Read it aloud

Reading your writing aloud will help you identify places where the writing doesn’t flow. If you stop to process the writing, you know it’s time to go back and fix those paragraphs.

10. Get an independent view

Get someone else to check your content, what makes sense to you won't necessarily make sense to someone else. You want your IFA site to stand out and make a difference, additional feedback will help with this.