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Longer Scrolling Pages for IFAs?

At the start of the year we looked at new website trends and then more recently at clicking vs scrolling for IFAs

Scrolling vs Clicking

Here is the real difference: scrolling is a continuation, whereas clicking is a decision. Scrolling is simply continuing to do what you're currently doing, which is typically reading. Clicking asks your prospects to consider something new. It's a small interaction which we think is better once you have their attention and interest.

New IFA website design - Longer landing page

We know from all our statistics that the page most frequently used on websites is the home page. So it makes the most sense to engage them in what they're looking for before they click away.

Then once we have their interest, we can present further information as they enter the site.

For this design we decided to offer our clients both. A longer landing home page with all the functionality you need once you enter the site.

Google April Responsive Design


What if I want longer pages, with a different design?

All our website templates are flexible, we customise them to suit your needs. We are always happy to offer something extra and if we can absorb any changes into the setup price we will.

You'll find that's what makes us different. That and the support we offer to IFAs and Financial Planners.

Clicking vs Scrolling for IFAs?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both scrolling and clicking ...

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What are the website trends for 2015?

Longer pages, more scrolling, larger images.

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Why is Google penalising non-responsive sites?

Because Google is very much interested in sites giving the best user experience. Google prioritises its users over website owners.

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