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Our journey started with IFA Systems, they were innovative in being the first to offer IFAs a templated solution in 1999.

Their experience in the IFA marketplace, benefitting from first-hand knowledge of how Financial Advisers work was complimented by a detailed awareness and experience of the tools available, both in terms of hardware and software, to meet the Adviser's specific needs.

IFA Systems - Their history

From June 1997 IFA Systems focused on assisting Financial Advisers with all aspects of relevant technology, and was the first to offer IFAs a templated website service in June 1999.

IFA Systems then concentrated on setting up, maintaining and developing websites and web-based features for Professional Financial Advisers. Seeking to provide relevant and affordable web-based solutions to the benefit of both the Adviser and their clients.

In 2011 PracticeWeb took over IFA Systems. It's fair to say that the acquisition of IFA Systems Ltd was a move that didn't go quite as planned; with all but one of IFA System's staff being retained.

IFA Web Pro was launched

We were keen to continue supporting financial advisers and in May 2012 IFA Web Pro was launched!

We were excited to be able to retain key personnel from IFA Systems who were very much part of their website development team, this meant we could carry doing what we do well; looking after IFAs and financial planners.

This has meant that IFA Web Pro have been able to carry on leading the IFA website market by making further innovations. We started where IFA Systems left off; now offering a more customised approach to the website templated solution.

With over 25 years IT experience and almost two decades designing and developing websites for both IFAs and Financial Planners; you can be confident we know what we're doing.

Almost two decades supporting IFAs

With our experience in the IFA website market, we have benefited from first-hand experience how Financial Advisers work and finding out what it is they need. We listen to our clients and have always worked hard in maintaining relationships with the advisers that we work with.

We spend time listening to IFAs and financial planners; we have a good feel for what they want: a website that accurately portrays their services, markets their business, helps them to engage and communicate with their clients and a website provider who will listen and offer the support that's needed.

We've always got a wish list on the go which we keep adding to.

Our approach

Offering quality websites to IFAs and Financial Planners together with a individual level of service and support is what we do best. We have a friendly and personal approach, getting to know our clients and the services they portray.

We take pride in the services and support that we offer to both IFAs and financial planners. Our services range from offering free compliance approved branded brochures and Newsletters to assisting with SEO, Marketing, Domains, IT, Online Directories and more. Providing you with the means to demonstrate your value and maintain relationships with your clients.

Our clients always come first, we care passionately about all of them and work tirelessly to make sure the finest product, service and support is delivered to them.

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How we meet the needs of IFAs in today's market

Supporting IFAs is what we're best at. We've moved away from the standard website templates of only adding a logo and a choice of colours. Our templates are modified to the needs of our clients. Not only that we provide branded newsletters and brochures to help our clients connect with their customers. It's all included in the price.

What is it we offer to Financial Advisers?

Choice of 6 stunning website designs

We have a choice of 6 creative IFA Website designs which can be adapted to suit your needs. Before we start we find out as much as we can about your company and how you'd like to market yourselves.

Free branded newsletters and brochures

Digital publishing for IFAs including The Budget Report and Autumn Statement

We offer free newsletters and brochures branded with your company details and regulatory information. It's all to help you market your worth and keep in touch with your own clients.

The content in our newsletters is compliant with FCA guidelines. They are all passed through a number of major compliance companies first, before they are published.

A web designer who updates your site for you

A website designer updates your site for you, keeping your website looking professional and modern. We know how busy you are which is why we offer a premium support service to your advisory firm. And all within budget.

Competitive pricing

We think you'll agree, we offer a very competitively priced service. £385 setup fee and £40 per month. It includes all of your support and a regular stream of branded newsletters and brochures.

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Can we assist you with an IFA Website?

We'd love to hear from you if you need an IFA website; either developing you a new website or advising you on your existing one. Just phone us 01453 521358

IFA website design you can afford

We've developed what we can offer to financial advisers by moving away from a simple templated solution where only company colours and logos for IFA websites are added, to providing a better value option of customising existing templates to suit. We can also offer you a completely bespoke website service if you prefer.

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